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Where I am from, we dont have the wide range of food items that seem to be so available to all those of you in the US or Canada. It seems that in the UK and Ireland, food choices in general or more limited. There are less Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free and Vegetarian options. Similarily there are less junk food, fast food, convinience items readily awaiting our purchase. This goes for flavours too, for the one flavour we might have of a bar , the same bar could yield 20 different flavours in the US.

However, I will still do my best to review what we DO have over in Ireland. Not just health foods, but all foods, drinks, condiments and sometimes restaraunts! Although I live at home, I do tend to buy a lot of my own food, having said that-my family doesnt eat like a regular Irish family-were kind of “alternative” (but “alternative” is probably normal in blogland!)


I love Nutbutters, they are a staple of my day. I never was too interested in them before my 20’s but in the last year, Id like to think Ive tried every Nutbutter available to me. Unfortunately, despite my love of PB, I cant eat it, along with Cashew Butter. Peanuts and Cashews give me terrible migraines, but none the less, I make up for it in the other nutbutter adventures!

“Meridian” Tahini. Technically not a nutbutter, technically I dont care. This was the first seed/nut spread I ever tasted! Tahini is just creamed/hulled sesame seeds. Prompted by Tatianna of “Tatianna Lives” I tried Tahini and have never looked back. “Meridian” is the brand and it is one of the main nutbutter producers that I have come across in the UK and Ireland. I have also tried their “Dark Tahini” which is good, but the Light is better. The difference between the two being how hulled the sesame seeds are. I have to say, the difference between Organic and Non Organic Tahini, with this brand anyway, is unbelievable! Organic actually tasted way creamier and yummier and is definitely worth the extra bucks!

“Meridian” Almond Butter. This was only ok, nothing special. It was too chunky, the almonds and oil wouldnt mix. It was like they tried to cram too many unhulled/creamed almonds into a small jar. “Meridian” cover hazelnutbutter, almond butter (too thick), tahini, peanutbutter (cant eat), cashew butter (cant eat) and brazil nut butter (too sticky and clammy). Lets just say the only ones I like are the hazelnutbutter (Ive not tried any other brand and even with this brand, some jars are good are some arent which is dissapointing.) but I LOVE their Tahini.

“MONKI” Almond Butter. This is FOOOOOODgasm in a jar, no joke. My Almond Butter love was reignited after meeting this pricey but tasty brand “MONKI”. I had originally tried their Sunflower Seed Butter, which I was more than satisfied with and not too shabby at €4.50 a 330g jar! (and it also tastes like PB to me-score!). This almond butter is €8 a jar but so worth it. Slightly salty, very runny and totally deelish. My purse doesnt like it, but my taste buds do!

“Eskal”. A Sunflower Seed butter from Australia, this is sooo yum. It has add in’s like sugar and salt, but not too much. Unlike other seed spreads Ive tried (aside from “SunButter” when I was in the US). This spread has crunchy seeds in it which I love. It is also available in a smooth version.

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