Breakfast, Almond Butter, Chocolate and Recipes

January 3, 2011 9 comments

Good Morning One and All!

Its rare for me to do a post in the morning, but I realised I have more than enough material for one and if I left all the ideas and photos in my head or lying around my Picture file, when I actually did go to write a post, my head would be all conflustered and I wouldnt know where to start. I dont know about you, but I get very anxious when things are half done or “in the process”. I like to just DO things and get them DONE. Less stress. More success.

I am still in my grandparents house. I love being here, I have been coming here since I was, well, born?? but it hasnt changed-and I love that.

I am always the first one up in my house and in this house. I always have been an early riser. It annoys some folk, but Im ok with it! I get to take advantage of a full 15 hour day! (I usually KO by 11pm).

This morning I woke up cold and hungry. After a short yoga sesh, a shower and some clothes, breakfast happened. One of the things that hasnt changed in my Gparents home is my Gma’s habit of setting the breakfast table the night before. 

I have and will always love this.

I also love THIS

“MONKI” Sunflower Seed butter: Its thick, its strong, but if I crave it. I need it.

“Flahavan’s” Oats with a hunk’a “MONKI” butter,peach sauce,cinnamon+honey

I also had a slice of GF Toast with butter and a cup of Barry’s Tea. ( *Note: #1 some people need their coffee every morning-I need my tea and I need Barry’s Tea. )

Seeing as its only 10am here, Ill rewind back a little. Yesterday I restocked on another “MONKI” essential.


I ❤ Almond Butter. However, seeing as I am the kind of girl who likes less stress and more success. I usually opt to do the necessary stirrage of the nutbutter upon my purchase of it rather than waiting until the first time I need to use it. ( The scenario of having my oats piping on the stove whilst I am frantically working up a sweat trying to stir a newly opened nutbutter first thing in morning sounds like lots of stress and no success to me!). Unfortunately, I hate stirring them-like, I hate it.

 The only pay off is knowing that I am doing my taste buds a favour (ha I just wrote “flavour” instead of favour) by stirring it to prevent gloopy dry end of the jar almond butter (I suppose licking the spoon after is a pay off too).

Despite the price of this jar-expect it to be gone within a week, maybe ten days. Its lethal stuff!


From Almond Butter to Chocolate. There is a chain store of chocolatey goodness called “Thorntons” in the UK and Ireland (could spread further Im not sure). But they are fabuliscious. Im pretty sure its mandatory for each household to have at least one box of Thorntons Chocolates at Christmas time.


Yesterday afternoon, I wanted chocolate. But when trying to decide which one to have, my mind was boggled! The descriptions of chocolatesare no longer “Strawberry Fondant:contains Dairy” or “Chocolate Caramel:may contain nuts”. Oh no! The Thorntons description page looks like you would need a degree in Creative Writing to do!


I went for a Chocolate Caramel and a Hazelnut Nougat-I hate going to for the plain ones, I always like to try something different.

Last nights dinner was yet again more Christmas turkey (fresh!), taters etc…………………….. Im thinking tonight I might cook for the family. Any suggestions?

I came across THIS book in my Grandmas house.

Its such a handy dandy little book! With recipes from Oat Scones to Veggie Oat Pie, Apple and Cinnamon Oat Crumble and Oat and Honey bread-I will definitely be making some recipes in here.



Hope youre all enjoying your day wherever you are.

Any suggestions on what to cook for two people who are used to just the meat, veg and potatoes?

Do you like stirring Nutbutters as much as I do?? 🙂




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Hello Welcome and Here I am

January 1, 2011 13 comments

Hello and Welcome to “Happy Healthy Hippy”.

Let me start by saying Happy New Year! It seemed apt to me to start my new blog at the start of a new year (a year – and a blog – ) that I plan on making super duper fan dabby dozy!!

If you want to check out more about me or this blog-take a look at the “Fiona Who?”  or “About” pages at the top of this page. 🙂

This morning started a little later than usual after last nights festivities. I went to a big poker game with a bunch of family friends that continued on into the wee hours of the morning. My sorry a$$ didnt hit the hay until 4:30 am so needless to say, Im feeling a little sleepy today! I did come third in the poker game though, so that, along with the many laughs and drinks had, made the late night (early morning??) worth it.

However, as you will get to know about me-Im an early riser! So despite being in my bed at 4:30 I still got up at 8:30-Ill just go to bed earlier tonight and sleep well.

Breakfast this morning was one of nutrition, yumminess and photoworthiness (when is breakfast not?)

Oats with Tahini, Cinnamon and Apple and Peach Sauce on the side

My new Starbucks Mug 🙂 with tea and honey

Flax Toast with Soya butter – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (i dont mind real dairy butter but my mom buys the soya one)

So after a leisurely breakfast, I packed for my trip to see my grandparents. Due to the very crazy snow blizzards we had in December, my grandmere and pere couldnt make it to our house for Christmas day, sigh! It was still a lovely day, just not the same without them there. So, in an attempt at second Christmas, me and my mom have travelled to their house in the country for a few days (also to celebrate my Moms birthday on Jan 4th.

Agh, nothing beats some quality time spent at Grandmas house, im lucky to have two of the most amazing grandparents in the whole entire world. 😉

Dinner was served to us straightup when we arrived at 6pm. No pics, sorry! my family arent keen on me snapping every meal, but just imagine Christmas dinner and youve got an image of what the table was like. Turkey, Roast and mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, parnsips, celery in white sauce, brussel sprouts. It hit the spot!

Im definitely indulging myself until the holidays are over (contradictory to most people at the moment who are starting their “get fit, eat healthy” regimes today being the 1st of the year). But, my holidays arent over yet! I still have 2 more Christmass’ to go! (yes, two, I will reveal why there is another one after this one in a later post). Not to mention many many birthdays to celebrate this month! So bring on the food! Ill be healthy once the holidays are over. Im in my grandparents house for another week-so expect lots of “family time” in my posts.

Tonight = opening presents and playing poker (note my grandma is competitive, dont let her sweet smile fool you!)

Does anyone else notice that grandparents love to feed their kids and grandkids?

Do you celebrate Xmas twice?

Happy New Year one and all!




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work in progress

December 22, 2010 9 comments

Come 2011 and this blog will be raring to go! 🙂

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Hello world!

December 21, 2010 1 comment

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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