What’s up?

July 22, 2011 7 comments

Hi.ok.this is weird. Em.it’s been six months right? Yea.weird. I wanted to drop by and say that yes I am still in treatment. Finishes in two weeks. I’m healthy in body pretty darn healthy in mind. I’ve learned so much in the last six months. The main thing! How to love myself. Which-I do. It’s Been a long, hard, tear filled journey but I’m on my way to a real full recovery and I couldn’t be happier about that. There is hope. Just gotta work your butt off to see that life us so much better without an eating disorder.


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Im going away for a bit, i think ill be back…..

January 18, 2011 12 comments

Hi Guys. So, I know I havent been blogging here for that long (I have been on blogger for over a year) but am now on wordpress. I mention in my “Fiona Who?” section that I battled (and still battle) with food, weight, stress, life. I have decided to go and get the help I need. This means I wont be blogging, for a while (Im not even sure that blogging is all that great for me, so Im not sure if I will come back)*-note: i dont think anyone else in the blogworld influences me negatively. Ill see. Im just going to focus on getting the real Fiona back, becoming healthy in body and mind and creating my life. So until whenever. Peace and love.




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Stylish Blogger Award

January 14, 2011 13 comments

The FABulous Jessica at “Tasty and Trim” tagged me in this




So whats the dealy’yo with this award??

Here’s how it rolls:

In order to accept this award, you must perform 4 duties:

  1. Make a post + link back to the person who awarded you this award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
  4. Contact these bloggers to tell them they’ve won!

Seven things about MOI!!!

1. “Taim abalta ag caint as Gaeilge ach ta me go dona!!” (translation: I am able to speak Irish, but I am really bad!)

2. I was once bitten by a chicken and have since been afraid of all farmyard animals, in particular-cows-they are most definitely a bi product of the truth that underlies “The X Files”

3. Speaking of “The X Files”, when I was a wee lass, my family used to watch it every Monday night whilst I coloured in my crayola books, too scared to watch the adventures of Moulder and Scully.

4. I take fashion, make up and hair advice from my 16 year old sister-seriously-shes a little style queen! (and dont worry, I never leave the house as mutton dressed as lamb, its always ‘age appropriate’ advice!)

5. I find the act of taking a relaxing bath pointless, and a little awkward! I mean how lng are you supposed to stay in there?? what do you do??

6. I was always called into the principles office as a kid for being cheeky, to this day I still believe the teachers didnt “Get me”.

7. A cold glass of milk and a banana sandwich on white bread reminds me of summers as a child.

Now, here comes the hard part, passing this award on, Im sure itll get passed to some people twice!!!

Clemmy at “With Eyes Closed I look closer”

Danielle at “Ed Recovery”

Tori at “Daring to Dance”

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Gliding Calm

Jenna at “Jennas Journey”

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Marina at “Peace Of Mind”

and Im doing 16 links because Im cool like that. 🙂

Rachel at “Tea and Chocolate”

PHEW!! Thats a lot of linkagese right thurr. I hope you find some new bloggers to follow from this list, they are all fabulous girls whom I have the pleasure of knowing and reading about.

Happy Weekend Err’body, unfortunately, Im working all weekend, but ya know I gotta make those €€€ somehow!

Question today? Are you very organised? Do you feel like you have to write everything you need to do on a to do list? Im trying to be more relaxed about “planning”. Whats a good way to go about it? At the mo, Im only writing top necessity things/events in my weekly diary. I dont want to be a list freeek!! *anymore* 🙂



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10 reasons I smiled to myself today

January 11, 2011 10 comments


1. This morning I woke to a bright and crisp winters day.


2. The fact that I felt hardcore sticking my knife into the plugged in toaster


3. I got to use this homemade apricot puree in my breakfast


4.  I can take silly photos of me in what Im wearing and

put them on the internet.


5. My Mom offered to bring me out to lunch at my favourite cafe in my hometown

(of course I obliged)


6. This was the first song that came on shuffle on my ipod.


7. I noticed how people always give the police an awkward smile.

as if said policeman/woman knows every misdemenour that person has done.


8. My mom cooked me dinner.


9. Im currently watching “Oceans 11” eye candy at its best.


10. I found it difficult to narrow down to ten the amount of times I smiled today.


What did you smile at today?

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Back on line – sort of

January 8, 2011 15 comments

So my little babay netbook is still sick with a virus 😦 Ive brought it to the repair shop and hopefully it should be safe and sound and back home by Tuesday. Fortunately ( I guess??) I have another laptop to keep me going until then. Its a big ‘ol Dell Dinosaur that is so heavy clunky and big compared to the little VAIO. But I guess Im lucky to be in a position to even have two laptops.

I left you all with a survey post to keep the blog entertaining on my mini hiatus. But before that, I was visiting my grandparents in the countyside right?

Now if thats not country I dont know what is!!

(reminds of a scene from “Lord Of The Rings!)

Well Im home now. Back to normality, reality, work, school, responsibility!! BUT Christmas is not all lost just yet!! Remember I mentioned my chance of a 3 time Xmas Celebration? Heres the scoop! As I mentioned before, my grandparents were unable to travel to our house for Christmas day because of the snow. On top of that, my older sister (I am one of three and I am the middle child), she lived in London and was unable to come home for Christmas. So, in order for us to have a traditional proper family celebration, we are having a THIRD Christmas at the beggining of February (When my sister is able to get a few days off work t0 come home and my grandparents will travel to visit also). How cool (and somewhat bizarre!) is that? Xmas in Feb? OK dokaay with me.

Im really liking being on wordpress, not only do I totally dig the layout options but I love how many new people I am “meeting” and blogs I am discovering. So keep the comments coming so I can find your blog!

As promised I have some foodie photos from the past few days!

Garlic Chicken with greenbeans, carrots and taglietelle

Buttered flax toast-my faaaaaavourite

Buckwheat Flakes with almonds and pinenuts (tahini added after!)

Oats with runny Almond butter, honey and peach sauce

Chicken stirfried with shrooms, carrots, courgettes (aka zuchinni) and mashed squash n’ nooch

Now while in Clonmel (where my grandparents reside), I usually do some shopping, theres not much to do there, so I figure I might as well do some retail therapy! but this year I had promised myself – NO! I need to save my dosh! However, I cant resist a bargain-can any girl? Enter-boots. Boots that were made for walkin and thats just what they’ll do!

Black, soft leather....

......and nearly Thigh High...........'nuff said

Im not going to lie, I feel pretty sexy in these boots! Kinda like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” but in a non “sell myself for money” way. Love ’em.
Ive been back at work today so Im kind of tired this evening. But after reading this yummy post from this lovely new talented blogger , I am now craving one of CCK’S recipes-Raw Carrot Cake! or Vegan Cheesecake! mmmmmmm. I have the day off tomorrow and its Sunday, so why not do some baking! 🙂
Also, as you may or may not have noticed, Ive mastered the skill of linking on wordpress thanks to RACHEL!!
Ok, later guys
What do you do when visiting relatives and youve had enough of their company?? (as much as you love them!) and need some space. 🙂
Happy Weekend.
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A Survey

January 7, 2011 12 comments

The lovely Sarah from www.anewdayy.wordpress.com and the darling Clemmy from www.witheyesclosedilookcloser.blogspot.com tagged me in a survey of “Top Fours”. Seeing as I cant do a proper post yet (as my poor little netbook is still sick with a virus-Im in an internet cafe) Ill do this survery (cause who doesnt love doing surveys!).

(*I havent yet learned how to do links on wordpress-anyone want to educate me?*)

Four Phrases/Words I Use too much.

“Dunno”: As in the lazy way of saying I dont know. When Im in a bad mood and anyone asks me anything I always say “Dunno”, even if its “Whats your name?”

“Do you know what I mean like?”: I say this on average, twice in each sentence. I use it in lieu of a comma or when Im trying to think of what Im going t0 say next.

“For F”£$k sake”: Yea, too often I use this phrase. Its my go to frustration statement.

“I love this song”: Because I am always listening to music and I pretty much love all songs (and why would I be listening to a song I didnt like??)

Four of my passions

This is really hard!!!

Dance: ‘Nuff said!

Being in nature (refer to “hippy” of my blogtitle!): Walks in the woods, the beach, the sun shining.

Music: Music is one of the most consistent things in life, it will not change, it will not falter, it will not desert you.

Shopping/Beauty/Fashion (vain, me? no! superficial?? i think not!): Styling a mannequin, looking at mags, dying my hair, jewellery, dresses? yes please!!

Four things you would discover upon meeting me in person:

Ive really big eyes (or so Ive been told)

I have always taken super good care of my teeth, theyre pretty white and straight

Im kinda short

I talk-ALOT! (unless Im in a bad mood, but why would I meet with someone if I was in a bad mood!)

Four things Ive learned from the past

Do nice things for other people even if you dont feel like it-karmas babay!

Dont cut your nose off to spite your face: as in dont do something “rash” that will end up screwing you over in the longterm

Be assertive: or youll end up kicking yourself for missing out on opportunities or allowing yourself to be treated like $hit!

Family are the best: They are always there and should be cherished t the utmost degree (even if yu want to strangle them sometimes!!)

Four Favourite Foods

Almond butter (im eating it right now)

Chunky seedy brown bread


Mashed potaotes and gravy

(if it was 5 things-chocolate wuld be #5)

Four TV shows I love

8 out of 10 cats

Two and a Half Men

Desperate Housewives


Four TV shows I loved

The OC



As a kid – Scooby Doo 🙂

Im pretty sure nearly everyone has been tagged in this survey! and like I said, I cant yet do links on wordpress. Oh yes, and btw-I started this pst in an internet cafe but I am finishing it after having travelled back home and am now on my old Dell Laptop which in comparison to my netbook-feels like I am sitting front seat at the cinema-the screen is huuuuuuuuuuuge!! Cant wait t get my netbook fixed!!!!

Peace aNd love AnD a hAPpy WEEKEND to all!!

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January 4, 2011 2 comments

Hi!!! Quick note! I won’t be posting fir a little while-a week!? My laptop got a virus!!! 😦 so needs to be fixed.

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